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WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone
WhatsApp for iPhone

There are dozens of messengers on the market of mobile software – some of them are more powerful what concerns the functionality, some have brighter and more pleasant design, some are easier to use and manage. But making a comparison with all of those apps proposals, WhatsApp is a golden mean among all of those utilities. Good-looking and handy interface, powerful functionality, secure protection and encryption – the WhatsApp messenger comprises all of the above and is well-known in the environment of the most exigent users. In this article I will tell about free WhatsApp app for iPhone version, its functions and abilities. WhatsApp for iPhone

Using WhatsApp for iPhone, you may keep in touch with all of your friends, colleagues and members of your family using a wide choice of methods while exchanging video- and audio-recordings, pictures and text messages with them. The app is very light in size after downloading and installing and conforms to the latest standards in the area of quality and protection of communication. Thanks to an exclusive encryption protocol, your chats are securely protected from the third-party persons and inaccessible to any other people and tools except yourself and the person you are communicating with, so you may not worry about hackers’ intrusion into your private life and personal conversations, made via WhatsApp.

The application is differentiated with a stylish, minimalistic interface which is guided with a wide area of extended functionalities. Thus, the users, having any previous experience with similar program tools or the low PC skills will be freely available to operate with the tool without any barriers.

During the first launching of the program you would require to perform a scanning of QR code with your device. In such a way all of your gadgets will be synced, and afterwards you will be granted access to your active account. Moreover, you may define whether you will be signed in or logged off in automatic way after a proper period of time. WhatsApp for iPhone

As well as exchanging any type of media files and text messages, you may create group chats after tapping the New Group item in the context menu, defining an icon of the group by uploading an image or taking a shot with a camera and customizing a group topic. After the appropriate settings are adjusted, you may add the group members by selecting them from the contacts list and tapping the mark sign.

One of the tastiest exclusive WhatsApp functions is an audio-note. If you are going to leave an audio-message to one of your friends or close persons, you may easily and simply do that, by using the appropriate functionality. The person will receive a notification that he has new incoming audio-message as soon as he connects to the internet and runs the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp for iPhone

Regarding the exclusive features for WhatsApp iPhone version, the abilities of the tool for OS from Apple comparing to another OS’s, are absolutely the same. The only especial peculiarity is a visual layout of the utility. The graphical theme is the only thing that makes difference, so pay attention to it while applying the WhatsApp features in daily work. Download WhatsApp for iPhone for free and get acquainted with the application functions, tricks and hints.

WhatsApp for iPhone
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WhatsApp for iPhone
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135 MB
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Free Trial
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*WhatsApp for iPhone is available for free downloading without registration.

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