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WhatsApp for BlackBerry

WhatsApp for BlackBerry
WhatsApp for BlackBerry

Choosing the suitable messenger for every-day needs, make a glance on the WhatsApp – reliable and simple free cross-platform instant-messaging app, which will fit you in any occasion and case. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, bright design, the support of all the popular modern systems – WhatsApp will hold your attention once and for all. In this article I will tell about WhatsApp messenger version for BlackBerry OS, about its special features and peculiarities.WhatsApp for BlackBerry

If you schedule to share a couple of messages with one of your friends, living in another city or country, you will be able to chat with him totally free of charge. Such a possibility is available as far as the WhatsApp tool uses the internet connection as the communication protocol, not the cellular operator’s network, so if you connect to Wi-Fi network the conversation will be arranged smoothly and flawlessly.

Another distinctive feature of the described software is a group chat. After managing the group with your family members or colleagues at work, you are able to share videos, photos and messages with up to 256 contacts simultaneously. For simplicity and your own convenience, you may entitle your group, customize or mute notifications and perform dozen of another actions in order to make your conversation efficient and productive.

In addition to text messaging, in WhatsApp for Blackberry you may handle face-to-face voice and video calls, when simple text isn’t enough. If you worry that video and voice conversations will appear to be too much expensive, these worries will be absolutely groundless, cause during this kind of communication the WhatsApp engine uses the internet connection instead of mobile operator’s network. In such a way, you may not be afraid that you will receive too expensive calling charges in the end of the accounting period.

Regarding the ability to use the messenger from several devices, you may seamlessly use WhatsApp from the mobile phone, tablet or PC in any sequence thanks to the syncing procedure between all the compatible devices. For instance, if you add a new contact to the messenger on the smartphone, and afterwards switch to the laptop, this contact will be available on another device as well. The same concerns the chat messages and media files exchange.WhatsApp for BlackBerry

One more advantage of WhatsApp for Blackberry is a security mechanism. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption of all your conversations, no any third-party person is capable to read your messages, except you and your subscriber, even the WhatsApp application itself. Considering such a reliable secure scheme, the following messenger can be considered as one of the most secure tools among the utilities for text, audio- and video-communication.

Using the built-in camera, you may share any pics or photos, included into your gallery or shot instantly right at the moment of sending a message. Even if your connection is really slow, this feature will be you chance to show to the person you are communicating with, the most favorable moments of your life.

As well as audio-, video- and text objects, you may share the slideshows, spreadsheets, documents and PDFs without using of e-mail or file sharing utilities. The maximum size of the object being sent via WhatsApp is limited to 100 Mb, thus such a size will be absolutely enough for you to share what you want to.WhatsApp for BlackBerry

One more special ability of the messenger is recording a voice message. If you want to send an important memo or note to the favorable person, just use the described function and your contact will be able to listen to your voice message at once he will be connected to the internet network.

What concerns the differences between WhatsApp for BlackBerry OS and versions of the messenger for another systems, the only notable distinctive feature is the design of an app, - all the technical functions and abilities of the tool are absolutely the same. Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry for free and start using this magnificent messenger in order to see the scale and high level of the authors’ project idea.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry
Software Full Name:
WhatsApp for BlackBerry
Full Setup Size:
9 MB
Operating system:
BlackBerry OS
Setup File Name:
Free Trial
Latest Version:
For devices:
BlackBerry phones
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*WhatsApp for BlackBerry is available for free downloading without registration.

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